Refurbished Electron Microscopes & Ancillary Equipment

We offer a wide range of used and upgraded electron microscopy equipment for all budgets. If you are looking to kit out a new microscopy suite or just searching for a new tool to add to your laboratory, our specialist teams can assist you from start to finish. All equipment is checked and serviced by our in-house service engineers and supplied with a 12 month warranty.

If you have a specific project in mind, please contact us, otherwise take a look at some of the tools that we have on offer below.

Refurbished & Upgraded Scanning Electron Microscopes

We can offer full original systems on most post-Windows OS controlled microscopes. If  you are looking for a specific tool let us know. We also offer a wide range of upgraded and refreshed electron microscopes. Taking an old column and using the Point Electronic SEM Upgrade to provide you with a Windows 10 running SEM.


Refurbished Transmission Electron Microscopes

From 80kV to 200kV – tungsten, LaB6 & TFE. We have a wide range of used TEMs available from most manufacturers. If you are on a budget but are looking for something more updated, take a look at our upgraded Zeiss EM900 TEMs. We can also supply a range of TEM cameras to suit.



Refurbished Ancillary Equipment

Take a look at our range of sample preparation equipment – including ultra-microtomes, sputter coaters, thermal evaporators and knife makers.


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