Refurbished Ancillary Equipment

We have a wide range of ancillary equipment to compliment your electron microscopes and other processing equipment. Take a look below at what we have available. If you have any specific requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our stock is constantly rotating and not all systems are displayed below. If you have a specific tool in mind please let us know.

Leica Ultracut UCT

An ideal tool for thick, thin and ultra-thin sectioning. A digitally controlled ultramicrotome that can also accommodate a cryo-unit. This tool can come with or without an anti-vibration table. Contact Us for pricing.




Knife Maker

We have a range of knife makers for your ultramicrotomes. Contact Us for pricing and availability.

Sputter Coaters

For high resolution gold and palladium sputter coating of SEM samples. Optional rotational stages and water cooling. Contact Us for pricing and availability.

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