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What to do with an ageing SEM – The Upgrade Route

The column architecture of a scanning electron microscope has not changed dramatically in the last few decades. If you compare a SEM column from the 90’s with a SEM column that was built yesterday, the mechanics will be remarkably similar. An electron source, some lenses, beam deflectors and a detector. What has changed are the control electronics. A bit of history Before the late 90’s, most scanning electron microscopes were analogue and controlled via dials and knobs, while imaging on…

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Come and Visit Us – Booth 606 at MMC

Come and visit us on our booth at Microscience Microscopy Congress 2019 and ask us about our SEM upgrades and electron microscopy support services. Demo an upgraded Philips XL30 running on Windows 10 with live topographical imaging and remote connection. With DISS5 you can capture up to 4 simultaneous signals, enabling the creation of live false colour images.

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