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Point Electronic GmbH was founded 1992 in Halle (Saale) by former members of the Martin-Luther-University (department of physics). We can provide innovative products, based on our knowledge of many years on the fields of scanning electron microscopy and micro analytics.

In the limelight is the use of the PC for digital acquisition and image analysis, for the control of stages and spectrometers including the analysis of measurement data as well as for complete control of scanning electron microscopes.

As vendor independent company we offer our customers specific solutions for upgrading older devices as well as for new ones, which leads to far better productivity and quality compared with the standard equipment.

We work together with about 30 firms worldwide, which support us distributing our products and providing service for them. We have already done over 2000 successful installations on scanning electron microscopes and micro analyzers of all well-known manufacturers.

SEM Upgrade

DISS5 screenshot

The electronics upgrade controls all coils of the electron optical column, gun power supply and detector systems. DISS 5 is used as video unit. The microscope is controlled by a PC via mouse or a special input device with scrolling wheels. Our concept enables us to quickly adapt the electronics for various electron optical columns. The flexible concept of hard- and software enables to add modules in a simple way to enhance the system.

Digital Acquisition Systems – DISS5

digital acquisition system DISS5

DISS5 is an active image acquisition and image processing system for all commercial available electron optical instruments with a scanning device such as scanning electron microscopes and microprobes. After DISS5 has been installed, all functions of the SEM are still available. The DISS 5 electronics generates the X- and Y-deflection voltages, digitizes the analog image signals and counts the X-Ray pulses at each pixel for elemental X-Ray mappings. The digitized images can be processed, labeled, saved, and printed. This system is compatible with all the main manufacturers. (Hitachi, Jeol, Philips, FEI, Cambridge, Leo, Zeiss)


EBIC system

DISS5 EBIC is the combination of a universal digital image acquisition system with a particular measurement amplifier for acquisition and evaluation of EBIC signals in a SEM. The measurement amplifier was developed in close cooperation with several users to fulfill a large variety of sample specific requirements. P-n structures, Schottky barriers and samples from different photovoltaic technologies can be analyzed.

DISS5 3D Imaging

3d topography image

DISS5 3D enables fully automated calculation of stereo images. The method based on data obtained by simultaneous acquisition of four single frames generated from separate signals of a specially designed back-scatter-electron detector (BSD). This procedure avoids additional manipulation of the sample stage. Simultaneously a 3D-model is calculated and visualized.

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