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What is Electron Beam Lithography?

Electron beam lithography or EBL, is a powerful nanofabrication tool that enables the creation of nanometer sized features. It is a top-down approach to nanofabrication. This means you start with something big, such as a silicon wafer, and process it into smaller devices, such as transistors. Find out more about electron beam lithography with this video created by Raith in partnership with nano@stanford! And take a look at the Raith product line and their enabling technologies.

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Raith EBL system installed at Cambridge University

A Raith EBPG5200 has been installed in the Maxwell Centre at the University of Cambridge. With a thermal field emission gun which operates at 100 kV allows for high resolution features and high aspect ratios. The system is flexible and can operate for small scale (lab) projects up to large scale production. The EBPG5200 bridges between university research activities and wafer scale manufacturing.

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